Theme Nights

Theme nights are your chance to explore your creative side and show your Motörboater pride! Traditionally theme nights start after dinner and go as late as you do. While you are not required to dress up, there is no limit with the amount of fun you can have. Find others to join you and dress up in groups. Go stag and stand out in the crowd. These are your nights – enjoy yourselves… So be free, be creative, get crazy and let your mind run wild with the possibilities!

MONDAY – Löud and Hometown Pröud

As we have our most diverse and international crowd ever – BE PROUD OF WHERE YOU CAME FROM. Wear your state jersey, Don your Nordic horns, paint your face and show us your city/state/country pride!

TUESDAY – Pajamarama

Rock on out in your Jammies! It’s the biggest Slumber Party on the open seas. Rock ’til you drop and no need to change… Just remember – we know some of you sleep in the buff – you gotta wear something, even if its minimal! And who knows, we might even have the biggest pillow fight of all time!?!

WEDNESDAY – Fiesta En Barco

Motörboat is GOING TO MEXICO – and then back. Its Siesta and Fiesta day! In the morning – sleep late. We don’t get off the boat in Cozumel until 1:30pm. (There will be activities a’plenty in the morning – info on those will come later). When we get back its FIESTA all night – bring something from home – or pick up something new in Mexico – show off how you spent your day: Sombreros, Mexican Wrestling masks, Donkeys, your tequila face, anything…

THURSDAY – Go To Heaven, Raise Hell

This is our all day at sea! Its Heaven & Hell, Leather & Lace. It’s the best of both worlds – Show us your good side or your naughty side. As we pay homage to those rock gods that have passed, come dressed as your favorite rocker, groupie, devil, or angel. – The Skies, and the Sea’s the limit.