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Cruising Solo?

Solo Cruisin’
Traveling Alone? Book the Cruisin’ Solo Program!

The Cruisin’ Solo program allows you to book a single spot in a cabin, and we assign the remaining spots to other solo passengers. Therefore, you will only be responsible for the per person rate for the cabin (plus fees).

Your cabinmates will be selected at random and will be of your same gender. There will be absolutely no co-ed singles’ cabins!

Cruisin’ Solo Program spaces may not be purchased online or during the pre-booking period. You must contact us to confirm a spot in the Singles’ Program.

Confirm a spot in the Cruisin’ Solo Program via email or call us at 561-368-8922.

If you prefer to have a cabin all to yourself, you will need to purchase a double occupancy cabin and only list your name as the guest in the cabin. Unfortunately, there is not a discounted rate for having only one in a cabin.